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Engage Ms Carina for your upcoming event. Carina is a phenomenal speaker who will enliven, inspire, and encourage your audience. It gives her immense pleasure to witness her audience’s paradigm shift during and after her session. Her mission in life is to assist individuals flourish and progress even during extreme stress and adverse circumstances and also be a source of positivity and inspiration for the community and colleagues around them.  For information on rates and availability, please fill out the form and we will respond to you shortly.

Topics of Interest:

• Speech Skills Related
• The Art of Story Telling
• Effective Persuasive Speech
• Communicating with Confidence
• Quick Fix Your Presentation Skills
• Improving Your Voice Quality and Enunciation
• Non-verbal Communication Ques for Speakers
• Non-Speech Skills Related
• Emotional Intelligence
• Goal Setting and Personal Effectiveness
• The Art of Self-Branding
• Fundamentals of Problem Solving
• Handling Irate Customers
• Building Self-Esteem and Positive Workplace Relationship
• Conflict Management At Work
• The Art of Being Assertive
• Effective Interpersonal Skills
• Effective Time and Stress Management
• Business Networking
• Creating a Harmonious Work-Life
• Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
• Building Success Through the Law of Attraction